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Oxford City of Sanctuary welcomes Somerville and Mansfield as “University Colleges of Sanctuary”

Somerville College and Mansfield College, Oxford University, have established new Sanctuary Scholarships as part of their efforts to address the challenges students with temporary immigration status face in accessing Higher Education. The scholarships provide a fully-funded place and living costs to support a student seeking sanctuary at each College. Oxford University will provide support by waiving tuition fees for the students. Further funding to cover living expenses will come from college community fundraising, with many students actively involved in the campaign.

Dr Sheikh Ramzy, Chair of Oxford City of Sanctuary, said, “We are all delighted by the University’s action on supporting refugees. We must all unite to help the less fortunate. Bless you all”.

Dr Evelyne Godfrey, Secretary of Oxford City of Sanctuary, said, “Education is key to empowering people who escape Human Rights abuses and seek safety in our community. As part of our Universities of Sanctuary activity stream, Oxford City of Sanctuary look forward to working in partnership with Somerville College, Mansfield College and Oxford University as they roll out the new scholarships”.

Cllr John Tanner, a former Lord Mayor of Oxford says: “Well done to Somerville and Mansfield Colleges for providing scholarship schemes for refugee students. Oxford is proud to be a city of sanctuary for people from around the world. This is another example of Oxford providing practical support and opportunity to people from overseas who desperately need our help.”

Link to the announcement on the national City of Sanctuary (Universities of Sanctuary activity stream) website:

Somerville and Mansfield awarded University-Colleges of Sanctuary

About Oxford City of Sanctuary:
Oxford City of Sanctuary has been part of the national City of Sanctuary movement since 2008, when the City Council voted to declare Oxford a ‘City of Sanctuary’. Oxford City Council renewed the pledge in 2014, and again in July 2019, with strong support across the political parties.